Meet Mandi Swanson

Mandi Swanson

Say hello to our Student Engagement Coordinator Mandi Swanson! There's a good chance you've seen or chatted with Mandi at an event on campus or at a conference. Mandi loves the energy and new ideas chiropractic students bring to the profession and is here to help with events, workshops, resources, and more. For more information about any of the programs below, you can reach Mandi via email or give her a call at 515-313-4553.

Student Programs

NCMIC supports chiropractic students through a variety of educational programs and school events:

Student Ambassadors — Our Student Ambassadors work with NCMIC to promote the Starting Into Practice® program on their schools' campuses. Ambassadors receive a monthly stipend, the opportunity to work with and learn from industry professionals, networking opportunities and more. Learn more and apply now.

Bucks for Boards Awards – NCMIC understands the time, dedication and financial commitment it takes to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. To support these efforts, we offer Bucks for Boards, quarterly awards designed to help with the cost of chiropractic school, including exams, school supplies, living expenses, or anywhere you need a little extra help. Twenty-five winners are drawn from the entry pool each quarter.

Starting into Practice Workshop – Our interactive Starting Into Practice Workshop brings contemporary issues relating to the business side of chiropractic into the classroom.

Risk Management Seminars – Students learn how malpractice insurance defends and protects a DC’s reputation. We also cover common mistakes made by established doctors and real-life malpractice cases.

Vendor Days and Homecomings – We enjoy visiting with students whenever we’re on campus for these events.


NCMIC was founded in 1946 by chiropractors, to offer malpractice insurance to chiropractors. While we continue to offer this valuable coverage, we are also committed to helping DCs in countless other ways. We are proud champions for the entire profession.

We support state and national chiropractic associations, and provide funding for research and education. We strive to help all DCs do more.

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